path"."Path to or the name of lollipop folder on your server.
image_url""Url of image to load into editor. Can be relative or absolute.
newImage_url""Url of image uploaded on server.
appendTo"body"What element lollipop container should be appended to in the DOM. Should be a string that is acceptable by document.querySelector()
gallery_iconfalseShow/Hide gallery icon (import images from client gallery).
camera_iconfalseShow/Hide camera icon (take a photo from client webcam).
upload_iconfalseShow/Hide upload icon (execute .save(data) method).
share_iconfalseShow/Hide share icon (share photos on social media).
enabledCORSfalseWhether or not lollipop should assume that image is cross-domain enabled. With set to false lollipop will execute getFinalImage(url) method to fetch image trough domains which will be slower (unless the image is hosted on the same domain as lollipop).