All features available in Lollipop

ResponsiveThis app is responsive and mobile friendly.>1
GalleryImport images from gallery.>1
Drag and Drop Drag and drop support>1
WebcamTake photos from webcam.>1
StandaloneYou can launch the editor with any image you want by changing “src” parameter.>1
IntegrationInclude lollipop-integrate.js in your project.>1
90+ Filters16 Filters + 7 Guest Filters (Instagram) from filters section, and 70+ filters from package section.>1
Real-Time FiltersLollipop’s filters are shown real-time while you take a photo with your webcam.>1
SwipingMove to next or previous filter by swiping.>1
Adjustment toolsBrightness, Contrast, Saturation, Noise, Sharpen, Blur, Circle Blur, Vignette, Effects, Customize RGB… to enhance your images to perfection with ease.>1
Overlay effectsApply frames and textures to photos.>1
Transform toolsTransfrom photos with our rotating and flipping tool.>1
Cropping toolCrop photos with the new cropping tool.>=2.0
LogosAdd logos to photos.>=2.0
Social ShareShare photos on social media.>=2.0
ExportExport photos with different dimensions and formats.>=2.0